Explorations in Value, Chroma and Hue
A Hydro-pneumatic Gravitational Application
"My new approach to painting is to not paint at all.
I pour the paint onto the flat canvas and "let the paint, paint".

Water like a menacing flood on a dry dessert floor. The environment almost wishes the drought had lasted.
New rivers overflow with destruction of a perfection only considered too late for reversal.

"Black and white paint poured directly from the tube in heaping amounts, form dykes that are respected intially then blindly flood over in disobedience."

Gravity becomes the catalysis of expression rather than pawing the medium into oblivion leaving only static representational objects."

"I nurse the thing for days, tilting and poundering and spritzing and fussing all the while enjoying the entire ritual."

Viscosity affects the ebb and flow at play in the mix of poured paint in various densities of moisture.

"After a week of direct exposer to the elements
the painting is ready for exploration."

Weight the innocent influence of convection in a natural flow of pigment leaving dried up trails of answers to the medium’s curious fall.

The Pour

A Hydro-pneumatic Gravitational Application